About Me

Michael HoraceHello,
My name is Michael, but Bloggers and most internet users are calling me as the “Cinnarch Guy”, owner or Cinnarch.com. You can access more links to your right and below this website.
My Life revolves around Information Technology, and this had been both my passion and profession. My interest in Linux System stated few years ago and it all started with my first Blog here.
I created this site for anyone who’s interested in everything about Information Technology in General, but specifically I placed everything from my first experience with Linux, its different versions and all its applications.
This Site is offering you the simplest guides on topics that includes mostly about Linux, with some areas that will also focuses on Windows, its applications and securities. Users with limited and advanced experiences are very much welcome to read and share on this website.
I have also taken the initiative of placing a well written Linux review of desktop Linux just as the best way that the Great Jim Lynch doesn’t on his website. Of course I won’t be like him, but I was trying my best to be at least the next best guy after Him.
I am very much available and reachable to answer all your queries about Linux from the point of view of an Information Technology professional and at the same time as a regular user. I want to update this site on a regular basis in order for my visitors to be aware of the latest trends about the Information Technology industry, but in any case you have a personal question to ask, you can easily reach me on my contact details.
Well Obviously, I love Linux, which is the main reason why I created this Website/Blog at all. This is also the main reason why I am making an effort to update this as much as I could and sharing all my knowledge and experiences in all its Distributions and Applications.
So have fun and thank you for reading,

Best of luck!